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After the success of the Weymouth Knitted Carnival Project -The 'Let's make It' community project - is continuing it's creative venture & encouraging groups & individuals all over Weymouth |& Portland to participate in a new exciting project, making
'CUSHIONS FOR OLYMPIC ATHLETES' - The project aims for the British Public to make 20,000 cushions via various methods from 100% British Wool - the plan is that each Olympic & Paralympic Athlete will receive a cushion, made of British wool, as a gift from the British public for more information go to
Or contact co-ordinator Julie McCabe via e.mail or mobile 07814698685 or visit her website

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Hello everyone, I trust you’ve all had a fun Christmas & New Year,

I have now put photos of all the knitted cushions on this Blog – please click on HERE IS OUR GALLERY OF KNITTED CUSHIONS – BELOW THEN SCROLL DOWN THE PAGE TO VIEW THE CUSHIONS.

They are all amazing – well done everyone………..

We have made a total of 43 cushions .... which are now being forwarded to Wool sack for stuffing & storage ready for the Olympics... as word has spread, there are still more being made around the region so thanks to everyone who has been involved & good luck with your next projects...

Our hand in event was a huge success with around 35 wonderfully creative cushions handed in... Well done everyone.

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I am a visual artist living in Weymouth. I am passionate about the link between creativity and well-being, and use my art as a tool for expression and distraction. You can view more about me on my website:

Monday, 21 November 2011

We've had a fun few felt-making sessions at the Park Community Centre & Southill Day Centre. We are using our felt pieces to make up one side of our cushions then we'll sew on backs that are 100% British wool fabric.

some of our felted pierces came out too small to use as a whole cushion front - so we will appliqué them on to 100% British wool fabric. They look fabulous with a black background.

Monday, 7 November 2011

After weeks of workshops we now are starting to see the results. here are the first completed cushions to be handed in, aren't they fabulous................................................
Two of our knitters have chosen themes inspired by the sea & our wonderful coast.

keep going everyone, you're doing an amazing job & we're now on target for around 40 cushions............................amazing, thank you........................................

Monday, 24 October 2011

Our workshops so far have attracted great interest, between us all we have come up with quite unique designs & we now have 22 cushions in the making. I am really looking forward to seeing the completed cushions.

I'm knitting with a variety of greys at the moment, creating my own pattern inspired by Jurassic rocks. I'll post a photo here as soon as I've finished it.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

I always enjoy a walk at Portland Bill
and decided to have a go at making
up my own pattern inspired by Portland Light House,
I'm really pleased
with the results.

During my visit to Southill Day Centre -
I introduced felt-making as a way to
make cushions - we all helped to
make this large piece of felt which
was inspired by Jurassic Rocks.
We'll go on to make more pieces
at our next session
and hope to produce many cushions for the project.

There was a real buzz of enthusiasm
at our first community introduction
sessions this week, St Georges after school knitting club, Southhill Day Centre & Littlemoor Library. We discussed many ways of making wooly cushions, shared ideas, patterns & materials and we all are excited to see what innovative designs we'll all produce in our cushion making.